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     5th-form.        Theme :  ‘’Classroom  things’’

Objectives :   The  main aims of  the  lesson  are  to  develop  oral speech, reading, writing, speaking and  listening skills

-t o  practice   listening for  specific  information

-to  talk about school things

-to  practise  reading

-to  practice  writing new  words and check  pupils  knowledge

  -to  practice  the questions -What is  it ?   and Where is it ?

 - to  practise  watching   for  gist 

Type :  mixed.Method:  to  give new  knowledge

Equipments:  computer games, slayd, listening,, test. pictures  classter.

The  plan  of  the  lesson.

T/ r

List of  Activities





2 min




3 min


 New lesson.   Activity 1a.   New  words. ’’Talking  school things’’To introduce  new  words   



Activity 1b.    Slayd. Writing. ‘’Half   test ‘’ to  check     pupils knowledge. Pupils find and complete  the word




Activity 1c.     Answer  the questions




Activity 2

 Read and  ‘’Find  me’’  Who I am?


5 min


Activity 3.  ‘’Have  a rest’’ Multimedia  ‘’Tom and Teddy’ 



 Activity 4.  Listen    to   song

’’School song’’





Activity 5.    Watch   multimedia     and   match.  What   classroom is it?




Activity 6.        Classter


4 min




2 min


    I. The  beginning of  the  lesson.


T : Good  morning dear children.

Ch : Good  morning  dear  teacher.

T: Who is on  duty today?

Ch :  I am on duty today.

T : What is  the  weather like  today?

Ch : It is snowing. It  is cold.

T :Who is  absent today?

Ch :All are  present  today.

II. Homework.

Objective:  to check  pupils knowledge.

T : What  was your  homework?

Ch :  Our homework was   to  learn  new  words by  hard.

-interesting           - boring           - fun          -   difficult     - first

-half past              -o’clock            -a  quarter to       - a  quarter past

III.  The  beginning of the  lesson.    Activity 1a.  Listen and repeat  with ’’Talking  school things’’

Objective:  to  practice   listening for  specific  information. New  words. Pupils  listen to new words from  computer and  repeat  after it.. To introduce  new  words ’’Talking  school things’’

 Map-xarita                             window-deraza

Chair-stul                                wall-devor

Door-eshik                              pen-ruchka

Pencil-qalam                          ruler-chizg’ich

Bag-sumka                             desk-parta

Stick of  chalk-bo’r qo’yadigan taxta 

 pencilbox -qalamdon

Shelf- shkaf                            picture-rasim

IVActivity 1b     Slayd. Writing. ‘’Half   test ’’

Objective :  to practice  writing new  words and check  pupils  knowledge. Pupils find and complete  the words. ‘’

 m..    (map)       cha..     (chair)          do..    (Door)       penc..  (Pencil) 

b..       (bag)       win…   (window)      w a ..  (wall)         p..      (pen)   

rul..     (ruler)     de..        (desk)            cha..   (chair)       ro..     (room)

cla..    (class)      bo..       (book)

 V.   Activity 1c. Answer  the questions. What is  it ? and Where is it ?

Objective :   .  to  practice  the questions -What is  it ?   and Where is it ?                   to  develop oral speech of  pupils.        Teacher shows   some  pictures  and   give  some  questions. Pupils say what is  it  and  where  is  it


   What is  it ?   


It is a desk.

 It is a book.

It is a notebook.

It is a pen.

It is  a pencil.

It is a map.

 is it ?            

It is in the  classroom.

It is on the desk.

It is on the  book.

It is in the bag.

 It is in the pencilbox.

 It is on the  wall.

VI.  Activity .Read    and  ‘’Find me’’   Who I am?

Objective :    -To  practise  reading  and talking  .

-You write  a letter with me.   You  use  me every  lesson.

I am red  and blue                        (Pen)       

-You  read  me every day.        I am your  friend. 

-You read interesting stories. (book)                 

-You draw pictures with me. I am green, yellow, red, pink, blue, orange, pink, black and white.      (pencil)

-You find a lot of countries from me.   I am  on  the wall.    (map)

-There  are  many books on me.I  am on the  wall.  (shelf)

VII. Activity 3.  ‘’Have  a rest’’  Multimedia  ’Tom and Teddy’.

 Pupils listen to teacher’s words and  watch multimedia  and talk about it   what they understand.


Teacher :  - put  your pen on the  desk

-Put  your  copybook on the book

-Close  your  books

 Lesten to multimedia   ‘’Tom and Teddy’ and translate.

T:Hello                Ted:  Hi

T:What is your name?     Ted: My name is Tom.   

 VIII. Activity 4.   Remember.Listen    to  song .’’School song’’


         This is my table,

This is my chair

This is my bag

That I take  everywhere

           Sit  down.   Stand up

One, two, three

School, school ,school

For you and  me

This is  my pencil

This is my  pen

I use my school things

  again and  again

Sit  down.   Stand up

One, two, three

School, school ,school

For you and  me

Thi is the window

This is the  door

This is the  ceiling

This is the  floor

    IX.Activity 5.   Multimedia  What  classroom is it?

Objective :     to  practise  watching   for  gist  .Watch  multimedia     and  match .

  1. This classroom is very  big and light. There  are  computers in it.  Boys and  girls like  to play computer  games very much.
  2.  Our room is not very big but it’s very nice. There  is a map of England  on the  wall. There  are  a  lot  of pictures  and  flags  in  our  classroom.

   Pupils like  this  room.  They  speak  English, sing  songs  and  play   games.

  1. Their  classroom is  big.  There are  a lot  of maps  on  the walls. There  are    a lot  of  books  on  the  shelves.

               a  Geography  Room

b  Computer  Room

c  English  Room

X. Activity 6.   Classter.    Objective :to give practice in writing

                                  computer                                              ruler


      - shelves                                                          classrooms                                

pen                                                                                   notebook

                                  Pictures                                                pencil

                           Desk                                map                           table


                              Window                   door                            blackboard

 XI.   Homework.

1.Write  the  words.  E.g.   window  classroom-

 2.Write  the  sentences.

e.g.   large/  classroom/our/ is ------(1)

Our lesson  is over. Good  bye.



Jami slayd va multimedialarga sarflanadigan vaqt.  Jami 8 minut .

1.    Ovozli slayd  ’’Talking  school things’’—2minut

2. Slayd              ’Half   test ’’                  ---1 minut

3  Slayd .            ‘’Find  me’’  Who I am?  --1.20minut

4   Multimedia     ’Tom and Teddy’--1 minut

5.   Song .            ’’School song’’                          ---1 m,20s.

6.   Multimedia.  ‘’What  classroom is it?’’ ---1m 20 s.