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Theme: Do you know Uzbekistan?

    The aim of the lesson:
 To teach the pupils to oral speak
To develop the pupils skills and habits of describing of Uzbekistan.
To respect and save our native land.
The technology map of the lesson.
The type of the lesson: to give new knowledge.
2) The method of the lesson: unusual, mixed.
3) The equipment of the lesson: cards, pictures, slayd, game, questions.

The plan of the lesson:
1.Beginning of the lesson
2.New words, Look and match. Work with map.
3.Chain Drill
4. Choose the right answer
5. Play Uzbekistan quiz ex.6.
6. The game (test) under the game
7 . Cards. Answer the questions
8.Slayd  .Repeat these antonyms after
computer and translate these words.
9.Work in group . Describe the historical cities
10.Listen to me and do. Let’s have a rest.
11. Make up sentences
12.Conculision of the lesson

        I. Beginning of the lesson
Teacher: Good afternoon children.
Children: Good afternoon teacher.
T: How are you? – Ch: We are OK.
T: How old are you? – Ch: We are 13.
T: Where are you from? – Ch: We are from Zarafshon.
T: What is your job? – Ch: We are pupils
T: Are you ready for the lesson? – Ch: Yes.
Teacher: Sit down, please! Let’s begin our lesson. Our new theme is
“Do you know Uzbekistan? Look at slayd with music.  Now, I’ll
 give you question, you’ll answer it.
“What do you know about Uzbekistan?”
II. New theme: “Do you know Uzbekistan?
Look and match . Work with map
O’zbekiston xaritasidan viloyatlar, daryolarni va
the Aral Sea-the Syr-Darya River
the Amu-Darya River
the Zarafshon River
the-Kyzylkum Desert
Tashkent         Samarkand
Fergana          Nukus
Termez          Kokand
Namangan        Urgench
Navoi            Bukhara
the-Chimgan Mountains
Ex.2.A: Where’s the Aral Sea?---- B: It’s in the west of Uzbekistan.
A: Where’s Tashkent?-------- B: It is in the central of Uzbekistan.
A: Where’s Uzbekistan? ------B: It is in Central Asia.
Uzbekistan is the north of Turkmenistan and south of Kazahstan.
B: Where is Amu darya? ------It is in the west-north of Uzbekistan

IV.Choose the right answer.
The population of Uzbekistan is approximately 20
million/ 23 million
The population of Kazahstan is approx 17/20 million
The Amu Darya river is approx 1,500/2.500 km long
The Syr Darya is approx 1.900/2.200 km
The area of Uzbekistan is approx 44.7000\557.000 sq. km
The area of Kazakhstan is approx 3200.00\2700.000 sq. km
V. Work in group. Play quiz.
The longest river in Uzbekistan is … .    (Syr Darya)
The population of Uzbekistan is … .        (24 mili)
Bukhara is in …                     ( Uzbekistan)
A famous sea in Uzbekistan is … .         (Oral sea)
The Fergana … is beautiful.            (Valley)
Tashkent is in … of Uzbekistan.        (central)
VI. Slayd. Work in group  ‘’The game under the game’’
--’’O’yin ostidagi o’yin’’  da slayddagi rasmlar ikkala gruh o’quvchilari  tomonidan tasvirlangach ular ostidagi testlarga javob beriladi.Ikkala gruhdan qay biri testga va savollarga bexato javob berishsa shu gruh g’olib bo’ladi va o’quvchilar ‘’Clever boy’’yoki ‘’Clever girl’’ rag’bat kartochkalarini oladi

1.Tashkent is the…….of Uzbekistan.
a) capital    b) town   c) village

2 How many rivers are there in Uzbekistan?
a) 3        b) 2
3) What is Navruz?
a) New Day  b) Christmas  c)Women’sDay
4.What is the national food of Uzbekistan
a) plov, monti, shashlik     b) turkey     c) pancoke

5.Who is Iroda Tulaganova?
a) tennis player     b) singer   c) food-ball player

Cards. Answer the questions.
Savollarga javob bering.
What is the capital of Uzbekistan?

What is the capital of Uzbekistan?
Syr-Darya, Amu-Darya.

What kind of sports do you know in Uzbekistan?
Kurash, tennis, football, volley-ball, table tennis,
What Uzbek sport players do you know?
Mirjalol  Qosimov, Iroda Tulaganova
VIII Slayd  .Repeat these antonyms after  computer and
 translate these words.
Kind- muloyim
Angry-yomon qo’pol
Clever – aqilli
Silly- axmoq
Nice- ajoyib
Beautiful- chiroyli ,g’o’zal
Merry- sho’x
XI. Slayd. Work in group. Describe the historical cities .
1-st group must describe Tashkent and Shakhrisabz.
Tashkent: Tashkent is the capital of Uzbekistan. Tashkent  is a big city.
There are many good schools, plants, hospitals, shops, supermarkets,
cinemas, theatres and a Zoo in Tashkent. Tashkent has many gardens
and parks with green trees and flowers.
   Shakhrisabz: Shakhrisabz is a beautiful city. There are a lot of
interesting things. There is the As Saray palace Ko’k Gumbaz
Mosque and the Mousoleum of Sheikh
 Sadden Kulyal.
2nd-group . Describe Bukhara and Samarkand.
    Bukhara: Bukhara is a beautiful town with a lot of interesting
places. There is Ark, Minorai Kalyon, Mousoleum of Ismoil Samoniy,
 Sitorai Moxixoso and Labi Hovuz. The weather is tine. They’re

    Samarqand. It’s old city. It is beautiful with old buildings
in the central Asia.There is “Registan”, “Guri Amir”.
There are a lot of old buildings in it.
X.Listen to me and do. Let’s have a rest.
Put your pen.
Put your hand under the desk.
Put your hand on the desk.
Put your right hand on the desk in front of.
Close you eyes.
Don’t open you eyes.
Touch your nose with your left hand.
Stand up.
Sit down.
XI.Make up sentences using these words;
Historical places,  old city, capital, interesting places ,old buildings,
tennis player, plov, monti, shashlik, the Aral Sea-the Syr-
the Amu-Darya River,the Zarafshon River,the-Kyzylkum Desert
Tashkent         Samarkand,Fergana          Nukus
XII.Conculision of the lesson .
Estimating the pupils knowledge
 Give task for the home.
        Our lesson is over.
  Good bye!